Fruits or fruit juice in pregnancy?


  1. Fruits contain more fibre as compared to juices
  2. They give fullness and prevent constipation during pregnancy.
  3. Whole fruits are a good source of micronutrients which are lost while making juice due to processing.
  4. Avoid preserved juices as they contain more sugar and less fiber. Also during the process of canning i.e. processing bioactive compounds gets destroyed which lowers its nutritional value.



Fruits you choose should be fresh, seasonal and not canned or preserved.

Grapes: Good for constipation, acidity, cramping and swelling. Also it contains AHA (Alpha hydroxyl acid) which is good for skin glow.

Coconut water: Boosts immunity, treats heart burn, treat constipation and prevents dehydration.

Orange, Lemon and Berries: Citrus fruits are good source of vitamin C which improves immunity and helps in the absorption of iron.

Tomato: Not everyone knows that tomato is very good fruit. It is rich source of Vitamin C, folate and potassium and it helps preventing pre-eclampsia and cramps during pregnancy. Also contains lycopene which is very good anti-oxidant and keeps your cells healthy.

Banana:ย  Complex Carbohydrates in banana gives immense energy; also it is rich source of micronutrient potassium which prevents the major problem of cramps during pregnancy and regulates blood pressure. Also banana is rich in vitamin B 6 and fiber. When you are feeling low in energy or feeling weakness eating banana can give you relief.

Water Chestnut (Singhara):ย  Low in calories and high in nutrients This fruit is available during monsoon. It is rich source of vitamin B6. potassium, manganese, copper, fiber and calcium. And can help fulfill your daily requirement of calcium. It helps detox the body and is coolant for the body.

Pomegranate : It is the rich source of iron.

Mango: Most of us love Mangoes and canโ€™t wait more to eat mangoes once season of mangoes comes. You can have it as such in moderate quantity. Also you could have Mango lassi or Mango shake. These combinations also lowers the glycemic index of mango which decreases the absorption of glucose (slow release of sugar into the blood).

Guava: It is a low calorie fruit and rich in fiber. Helps regulate blood pressure. It is rich source of folate which prevents the spinal deformity.

Kiwi: This fruit is good for healthy pregnancy. Kiwi is also rich source of folate which is good for the brain and cognitive development of the baby and prevents neural tube defects in the babies. Also it contains high level of antioxidant vitamin C.

Raw papaya contains chimopapain which is not good for healthy pregnancy hence it should be avoided however ripe papaya can be eaten. Ripe papaya is rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C and can be safely introduced in pregnant women diet. Remove the above peel completely.

Pineapple : This fruit contains bromelain which Is not good during pregnancy (softens the cervix )

A normal healthy pregnant woman should eat 2 to 3 servings of fruits per day



Keep on rotating your fruits and take advantage of all the nutrients.

Eat in moderate quantity.

Eat fresh fruits as they are rich in micronutrients.

Do not go with fad of hot and cold foods. Eat all seasonal fruits in moderate quantity. (except raw papaya and pineapple).



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