Is it safe to diet during pregnancy?

Dieting during pregnancy means we are restricting calories or trying to lose weight. It can be harmful for you and your baby, as it may restrict important nutrients such as iron,ย folate, other important vitamins and minerals. You must have planned an ideal weight for yourself prior to conception. But it may not be realistic for a lot of you struggling to come to a normal BMI.

A Balanced Diet is the Best:

What we recommend is a healthy well-balanced diet as it is vital for your babyโ€™s growth and development. Nutrient requirements will be fulfilled if you have a variety of food groups such as fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products, proteins, breads and grains. Your calorie needs increase by 300 Kcal extra per day during pregnancy.

Risks of being Overweight:

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of gestational diabetes, hypertension and preeclampsia, blood clots in your legs, Caesarean delivery, sleep apnoea and risk of heart defects in baby. But losing weight during pregnancy might really not help much.

Important points as per your Pregnancy Schedule:

  • You might lose weight in the first trimester due to poor appetite because of nausea or vomiting.
  • Weight might also remain stable and you might not gain extra weight if you exercise 30 minutes daily and eat healthy.
  • But donโ€™t worry as the baby still gets all the calories needed from your stored fat. You will definitely gain weight during pregnancy especially during second and third trimester as baby grows.
  • These 9 months is an opportunity for you to completely transform your health to a better lifestyle and good eating habits that will stay with you life-long and will also help you to lose weight after childbirth.

Studies Support Weight Loss:

Research suggests that losing some weight during pregnancy might be beneficial for some women who are obese (have a BMI over 30) but women who had a normal weight before pregnancy should not lose weight. If your exercise is overdone or calorie intake is very much limited, it can harm your baby. This is the reason your Gynecologist will not advise you to lose weight or diet during pregnancy.


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