Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps or Period Pain?

Menstruation Cramps and Pain: What Can We Do?

Gynecologists Dr. Nupur Gupta and Dr. Ritu Agarwal discuss the facts around menstruation and how to deal with the cramps and pain associated with the monthly bleeding.

Pain during periods/menstruation is due to the hormone prostaglandin that causes contractions of uterine muscle. Underlying causes like cysts or endometriosis may cause excessive pain during menstruation. It is important to ascertain any root cause of excessive unbearable pain during menstruation but certain home remedies can be sought, for relieving pain during periods.

Heat therapy is an effective and recommended home remedy for period associated pain. Using thermal bottles or hot pressure pack on pelvic area certainly help. Research indicates taking hot baths like taking a shower or sitting in a hot bath improves circulation and relieves uterine contractual pain due to menstruation.

It is commonly observed massaging the lower abdomen and lower pelvic area with warm oil especially tea tree oil or lavender oil is very therapeutic during period associated cramps.

Acupressure therapy has been observed to show positive results in relieving pain associated with menstruation in women.

Dr. Nupur Gupta and Dr. Ritu Agarwal emphasize on eating a healthy diet for a healthy body and mind. A diet rich in iron, protein, calcium and magnesium is emphasized for women and young girls during menstruation. Reducing, salt, sugar, spicy and refined flours helps reduce bloating associated with PMS and menstruation and should be limited in intake by women during days they are having their periods.

Caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages should be avoided but it’s alright to sip on lemon juice during menstruation as it is an antioxidant rich drink that reduces bloating.

Moderate exercise like walking, stretching as well as yoga is beneficial during menstruation as the endorphins release help compensate for the fatigue associated with estrogen and progesterone hormone drop during this cycle. In case of excessive bleeding and nausea or migraine, rest and frequent naps are recommended.

Gynecologists indicate that cramps and pain during menstruation is normal but if it disturbs your daily life, then a mild analgesic can be taken. Moreover, unbearable pain or the one not responsive to analgesics should be investigated in all age groups especially in preadolescent and adolescent girls who may have abdominal extreme pain before or during their cycles.

To conclude, women health experts suggest that home remedies and self care are important during PMS and menstruation but extremely painful menstrual cycles should be evaluated for any uterine blockages, cysts, tumors or endometriosis.

So, pamper yourself and have a healthy period.

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